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Have you been beaten or unreasonably abused by a police officer during an arrest or encounter? If so, you have the right to seek justice. When law enforcement uses excessive force to handle the situation, it can lead to a serious violation of a person's rights. Furthermore, if a police officer uses unneeded violence in order to intimidate or unreasonably punish you, you have the right to file a claim of police brutality.

At The Law Offices of Steven H. Goldman, our experienced civil rights attorney is here to stand up for your rights. You don't have be a silent victim to police brutality and have every right to defend yourself. With an experienced legal team on your side, you can swiftly pursue the justice you deserve.

When is excessive force a civil rights issue?

Police have authorized power and the ability to use reasonable physical force when needed. However if police officers have gained control over the situation or have no reason to detain you, and they use force to inflict pain or silence you, your rights may have been violated. Unfortunately, some officers get carried away when enforcing their authority, even when they have the right to detain a person.

Types of police brutality include:

  • Beatings with police batons
  • Tasers injuries
  • Coercion or threats
  • Racial profiling
  • Unnecessary strip searches
  • Unwarranted seizure or destruction of your property
  • Harassment or abuse
  • False arrests

Unless they have probable cause, such as an individual screaming threats, ignoring appropriate officer directions, or waving a gun around, using excessive force to detain or intimidate an individual is a violation of their rights. Other brutal actions by police can also be seen as a civil rights issue, including profiling simply due to race, discrimination, and even verbal threats. That is why you need a credible legal advocate on your side to fight against police brutality.

Have your rights been violated? Take action now!

The Law Offices of Steven H. Goldman believes in protecting the rights of citizens and we are ready to fight for you. If you have been a victim of police brutality, it is crucial that you contact our knowledgeable Bronx civil rights lawyer to discuss your case and determine the best possible plan of action.

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