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Juvenile Offenders in New York

Under New York law, youthful offenders are categorized as: juvenile delinquents, juvenile offenders, or youthful offenders. Each category is defined by the youth's age and whether the youth is thought to be criminally responsible for his or her behavior.

Juvenile delinquents over 7 and under 16 are not criminally responsible for their actions due to infancy, these cases are prosecuted in family court by the New York City Law Department. Juvenile delinquents may face a term of placement for a maximum of 12 months for a misdemeanor, 18 months for a felony, or 5 years for a designated felony.

Juvenile offenders are youth that are 13, 14, or 15 who commit a serious crime, and are assumed to be criminally responsible due to the serious nature of the offense. Juvenile offender cases are automatically assigned to the adult criminal court system, and are prosecuted by the county District Attorney's Office.

Juvenile offenders are subject to adult sentences, and may face up to life in prison if they commit murder. Designated felonies include:

Youthful offenders are age 16 and over, and are considered criminally responsible for their actions. Youthful offenders fall under the jurisdiction of the adult criminal justice stem and are prosecuted by the county District Attorney's Office – they serve their sentences under the adult correctional authorities.

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New York currently sends youth ages 16 and 17 to the adult criminal justice system, despite the fact that extensive research indicates that youth at this stage of development do better with other interventions, and that the current approach is not effective at reducing future criminality.

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