Attack By Police On A 17 Year Old Boy

Federal Civil Rights Law Suit Filed Today Arising Out Of A Videotaped Attack By Police On A 17 Year Old Boy

Manhattan, N.Y. – Tyre Davis filed suit in federal court today, charging the NYPD and the City of New York with violating his civil rights. The incident took place on February 17, 2011, after Mr. Davis was arrested and taken to the 46 Precinct in the Bronx. According to Mr. Davis, he was waiting in the Precinct for a Desk Appearance Ticket to be issued to him when he was confronted by Officer Joseph Murphy, who had an encounter with Mr. Davis two weeks earlier. "I remember you, you're the kid I smacked," Officer Murphy said of the earlier encounter. Mr. Davis acknowledged that he was the same person and then asked for Officer Murphy's badge number. By way of response, Officer Murphy placed his badge in his hand and again smacked Mr. Davis in the face. Mr. Davis was then tossed out of the Precinct.

Mr. Davis picked himself up, brushed himself off, and started to walk away. As he did so, he noticed Officer Murphy and a second officer, Jose Ocasio, leave the Precinct and walk in his direction. Mr. Davis continued to walk until he heard one of the officers call out, "Yo." When he turned around, Officer Murphy stepped forward and punched Mr. Davis in the head, immediately followed by Officer Ocasio who did the same. The two officers then took turns kicking Mr. Davis in the face, head, and upper body while he did his best to shield his face and head from the blows. When they finished attacking him, both officers turned around and walked back in the direction of the 46 Precinct. Mr. Davis remained sitting on the ground, dazed and bleeding. Unknown to the officers, the incident was captured on videotape. The two officers were subsequently charged with assaulting Mr. Davis and the criminal cases against them are pending in the Bronx.

"Tyre Davis was brutally beaten by two on-duty NYPD officers," Steven Goldman, Mr. Davis' lawyer, said. "They attacked him mere steps from the Precinct where they worked. They beat a skinny, 17 year old boy, simply because he tried to stand up for his rights and ask an officer for his badge number. If this incident had not been captured on videotape, the officers would almost certainly have gotten away with their attack. Tyre Davis may not have been able to stop the police from beating him, but he hopes that, by filing this lawsuit, he can make them and their fellow officers think twice before beating someone else."

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