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Our Case Results

Read below to learn how The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates has helped other clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their criminal cases. Our attorneys are dedicated to guiding clients through the maze of the criminal justice system with compassion and skill. For over 30 years, our firm has been offering personalized counsel and fighting for clients’ rights and reputation.

    • Possession Probation

      17-year-old client charged with possession of a loaded gun. The prosecution recommended 2 years of prison and 2 years of post-release supervision. Goldman and Associates secured the client a youthful offender adjudication and a sentence of probation along with participation in a program focused on at-risk youth.

    • Robbery Conviction Probation. No Jail Time

      The client with prior armed robbery conviction arrested and charged with possession of a firearm after a traffic stop. The prosecution recommended 3 ½ years in prison. Goldman and Associates secured a sentence of probation and community service, with no jail time.

    • Assault Dismissed

      The client was arrested after striking a pedestrian and charged with Assault and Driving While Intoxicated. As a result of the arrest, the client’s driver’s license was suspended. Goldman and Associates represented the client at a hardship hearing and succeeded in getting the license suspension lifted. With the client’s driving privileges restored, Goldman and Associates turned its attention to the criminal case, filing a lengthy motion that succeeded in getting all charges against the client dismissed.

    • Robbery and Assault Case Dismissed, Charges Dropped.

      The client was charged with Robbery and Assault for allegedly stealing an envelope full of money from an elderly woman inside an ATM vestibule. The crime was caught on video and the case received extensive press coverage. Goldman and Associates succeeded in getting all charges against the client dismissed.

    • Homicide Misdemeanor No Jail Time

      The client was charged with homicide after hitting a pedestrian on the entrance ramp to the Bruckner Expressway. The client was indicted and the prosecution demanded significant prison time. After extensive litigation, Goldman and Associates succeeded in securing a misdemeanor disposition that did not involve jail time or even probation.

    • Assault Dismissed

      The client faced assault charges in Manhattan following an incident in which he allegedly punched a female co-worker. If convicted, the client faced not only potential jail time but deportation. Goldman and Associates succeeded in getting all charges against the client dismissed.

    • Possession of Firearm Dismissed

      A client with two prior violent convictions was charged with a variety of violent charges after being caught on video firing a handgun. If convicted of a violent felony, the client faced a mandatory life sentence. Goldman and Associates successfully filed a motion to dismiss the indictment.

    • Felony Domestic Violence Acquitted of All Charges

      Steven Goldman recently battled the Bronx DA’s office in a case where his client, an NYPD officer, was accused of felony domestic violence against his child’s mother over a period of 2+ years. None of the crimes were reported until after Mr. Goldman’s client filed a petition for custody of their son. Despite the lengthy time lapse in reporting the incidents and the strategic timing of the allegations, the Bronx DA’s office arrested and indicted Mr. Goldman’s client. The trial stood-out for 2 reasons. 1 - the complainant committed perjury when she contradicted her sworn testimony from a prior trial. 2 - any police officer charged with a crime in the Bronx faces an uphill battle when it comes to getting a fair trial. After 2 long years the case went to trial, and after a month long trial Mr. Goldman’s client was acquitted of all charges except for a single misdemeanor charge of trespass for entering her apartment to serve her with the custody petition. As a result, Mr. Goldman’s client is not likely to lose his job or his freedom. No less importantly, he will continue to have a relationship with his son, who means more to him than anything in the world.