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Were You Falsely Arrested or Assaulted by the Police? Offering Personalized Counsel for over 30 Years

Have You Been Falsely Arrested in New York?

Let Our Civil Rights Lawyer Help You! We offer personalized advice at both our Manhattan and Bronx Locations.

Don't allow the courts to convict you of a crime you didn't commit. Every day, false arrests occur around the nation. We at The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates are here to provide you with the representation and justice that you deserve. We are highly experienced, and we have fought for our clients for 29 years.

We understand the pain caused by being falsely arrested. From the emotional toll it places on you and your loved ones to the difficulty of negotiating the criminal justice system, being falsely arrested can be a scarring experience. We will use our knowledge and advocacy skills to get you the compensation that will, hopefully, help you find closure for the trauma of being falsely arrested.

For a civil rights lawyer who will fight for you, contact The Law Offices Goldman & Associates now.

We proudly serve clients in the Bronx, Manhattan as well as Westchester and throughout New York City.