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When a Relationship Sours, Things Can Quickly Become Ugly We Can Help Your Life from Being Seriously Disrupted

New York City Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

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When a relationship sours, things can quickly become ugly. If you are involved in a dispute that resulted in domestic violence charges, call the legal team with proven experience. The Law Offices of Goldman & Associatescan represent you if a spouse, family member, former spouse or partner is accusing you of domestic violence. We have many years of experience and can fight to protect your freedom and record!

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When you are being accused of domestic violence, you need a legal team behind you that you can rely on.

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Retain a Strong Defense Team

When a person is charged with committing any type of crime against a current or former spouse, family member, or roommate, a criminal court may issue a temporary order of protection.

The provisions of an order of protection may include:

  • Keeping the defendant from the home, workplace, or school of those listed in the order
  • Establishing a child visitation schedule for a parent
  • Requiring the defendant to allow a designated person the right to enter the residence at a specific time to remove personal belongings
  • Keeping the defendant from harming any pet kept by the victim or child living in the household

Dealing with domestic violence charges and the temporary order of protection that accompanies them can seriously disrupt your life and damage to your reputation.

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It is vital that you have an attorney who understands the New York criminal justice system and how to defend your rights. The legal advocate must be able to guide their client through the detailed criminal process and must be able to negotiate a plea offer that will avoid both jail and a criminal record. The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates knows how to effectively negotiate the system.

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