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Weapon Possession

Gun Possession Lawyers in New York City

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Like a number of other crimes, District Attorney Offices throughout New York have adopted get-tough plea bargain policies regarding gun cases. That is why it is so crucial that you retain a legal advocate who is willing to fight on your behalf.

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New York Gun Laws

New York has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. New York City and the State of New York have separate laws. The rule of thumb is generally counties with higher populations have more restrictive laws, meaning New York City has the most restrictions.

The following are the types of New York Pistol Licenses (NYPLs) available in the state:

  • Premise dwelling – Own and possess a pistol in your home or property
  • Premise business – Own and possess a pistol in your business
  • Bank messengers – Own and carry a pistol as a bank or express messenger
  • Corrections employee – Own and carry a pistol while employed by county, city, town, or state corrections facility
  • Supreme court judge or New York City judge – Own and carry a pistol as a Supreme Court justice in the first or second judicial departments or a NYC civil or criminal court judge
  • Antique pistols – Own, possess, collect, and carry antique handguns
  • Proper cause – Own and carry concealed handgun when proper cause exists

You must be at least 21 years old to apply, a legal resident, be of good moral character, have no prior felony conviction, not diagnosed with a mental illness, not be subject to a protective order, and fulfill other requirements. In some counties, you need to complete a firearms safety course.

If you don't have a NYPL and attempt to transport through a New York airport or by vehicle throughout the state, you are subject to arrest. Courthouses, government buildings, school or university grounds, and mental health facilities are also off-limits.

What Could Conviction Mean for You?

In New York City, most of the District Attorney Offices will not offer you a plea of less than 2 years if you are charged with possessing a gun. If you have a prior felony conviction, you are looking at considerably more prison time. Defending such cases has, therefore, become much tougher. That's why it's so important to have experienced and skilled criminal defense attorneys on your side.

Weapon or gun possession charges in New York include:

  • Third-degree – charged with possession of a weapon when the possessor has previously been convicted.
  • Second-degree – charged with possession of a weapon and the intent to use it against another person.
  • First-degree – charged with possession of a weapon with plans to use it against another or a property. Or can be charged to those possessing more than 10 firearms.

Building an Effective Defense

The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates been advocating for clients charged with possessing weapons for more than 30 years. We understand what it takes to successfully represent someone charged with possessing a gun. We know the law and the best strategies. We are adept at effectively advocating your case to DA's, judges and - when necessary - juries. We are, in short, the kind of advocates you need for your case.

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