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Ser arrestado o ser acusado de un delito es un asunto grave. Desde la humillación de un arresto, hasta las interminables comparecencias ante los tribunales, el proceso penal es algo que puede cambiar la vida de una persona.

En The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates, sabemos que no hay nada más aterrador y confuso que recibir cargos por un crimen. Usted necesita la asistencia de un abogado erudito y experimentado que le pueda ayudar a navegar a través del sistema de justicia penal y proteger sus derechos. Tenemos abogados con décadas de experiencia en miles de casos de defensa criminal tanto en los tribunales estatales como en los tribunales federales que pueden ayudarle.

Contamos con la experiencia, conocimiento y determinación necesaria para conseguir el mejor resultado para usted. Nuestro largo historial de éxitos con la defensa penal le garantiza que usted estará en manos experimentadas. Así, si está lidiando con el trauma que supone un arresto o una acusación, puede estar seguro de que The Law Offices of Goldman & Associatesle tratará con la atención personalizada y diligencia que usted se merece.

El bufete tiene oficinas en el Bronx. Además, hablamos español y húngaro, lo que nos permite asistir a clientes de todo el planeta rápidamente y eficazmente.

de Clientes

  • If you find yourself in trouble like I did, call Goldman & Associates. You won’t be sorry.

    “I was on parole when I caught a case. My PO claimed that he saw me on video firing a gun and they charged me with a felony. When the police came to arrest me, they roughed me up for no reason. They even beat up my family! When I fought back, they charged me with another felony. Next thing I know, I’m in court charged with gun possession AND assault and the DA is asking for $100,000 bail. Thankfully, my family had hired Goldman and Associates and they were there in court to represent me. Peter Barta argued hard against that bail! He told the judge about all the holes in the DA’s case and said the police need to explain why they attacked me. Suddenly the DA’s office was on the defensive. Instead of $100K, the court set only $5K, an amount my family could make. Goldman and Associates fought for me every step of the way! When the DA’s office indicted me without giving me a chance to testify in front of the grand jury, they got the indictment dismissed! When the DA was talking about hitting me with a life sentence, Goldman and Associates pushed for a better offer. But even when they got that offer, they didn’t stop fighting. They told me that they had a chance to get the case totally dismissed, but I’d have to take a risk - turn down the offer and let them keep fighting. By this point, I knew they were fighters and that they had my best interests at heart, so after talking it over with my wife we agreed to roll the dice. I turned down the offer and gave them the green light to try for a dismissal.
    After more than a year of fighting it out in court, I stood next to my lawyer when the judge said the magic words: the defendant’s motion to dismiss is granted! Then I heard the prosecutor, the same man who had threatened me with a life sentence, say, “we’re not going to appeal.” It was over – I was free to go. No charges, no jail time. A complete dismissal! I really hope I never get into that situation again, but I know who I’m calling if I do. I can tell you from experience how hard they fight, and the great results they get. If you find yourself in trouble like I did, call Goldman & Associates. You won’t be sorry.”


  • Thank you Goldman and Associates. You gave me back my life!

    “I’m a single mother of a bright, high energy 7 year old son in the Bronx. Two years ago my life got turned upside down when my friend and I got attacked on the street by a large group of people. One of them had a beef with my friend and it got physical fast. The police were called and they found a gun underneath a parked car nearby. I wanted to help so I cooperated with them. Next thing I knew I was in custody and charged with possession of a gun. I found out fast that the Bronx DA’s office doesn’t play when it comes to gun cases. They were pushing me to take 3 ½ years in prison, saying the plea would never get better than that! I never got arrested before and suddenly they wanted me to do 3 ½ years. I was frantic at the possibility of being separated from my son. Who could take care of him as well as I could? My court appointed lawyer was nice, but she didn’t have any solutions. She just kept talking about me pleading guilty. That’s when my family reached out to Goldman and Associates. Steve and Peter spent a lot answering our questions and discussing our options. They laid out the evidence the prosecution would use against me – the video of the incident, my statement, DNA and fingerprints. The evidence seemed overwhelming. I was so scared, but they assured me that they would do whatever they could to get the best possible result. We discussed it as a family and decided to trust them. And I’m very glad we did! Over the next year, Goldman and Associates were there for us – filing motions, arguing in court, meeting with us and answering all our questions. After they started fighting for us, the DA’s offer got better, a lot better. Now they were only asking for one year of jail instead of 3. I almost took it too. I figured I could handle a year, but they told me they might be able to do even better, and asked me to trust them again. They had gotten me this far, so I agreed. Once again, my trust in them paid off. Last week, we got the decision from the judge – the prosecution had violated my rights, and all the charges were dismissed. No jail time, no conviction, nothing. I was free! I am so grateful that they fought for me and got me a second chance. I don’t have to be afraid of going to jail or having to explain to an employer a conviction on my record. I can raise my child without having to worry about us being separated by the system. Thank you Goldman and Associates. You gave me back my life!”


  • Highly Recommend this Firm

    “Back in October, this establishment helped my friend who got caught in a legal dilemma. They didn't make any promises but appeared to genuinely care about his cause beyond the fee. I recommend this firm.”

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Bronx Legal ofrece información actualizada sobre las leyes de defensa criminal. El abogado Steven Goldman protagoniza un episodio llamado “Legislación criminal y sus derechos legales” junto con David Lesch. Si considera que se ha violado alguno de sus derechos, póngase en contacto con un abogado especializado en derechos civiles. Tanto si un agente de policía le ha golpeado, como si ha sido arrestado ilegalmente, la sensación de violación es abrumadora. Steve Goldman se compromete a encarar estas injusticias.

Si sus derechos civiles fueron violados, emplearemos nuestros más de 30 años de experiencia para lograr la justicia y aseguramos que usted recibe una compensación justa.

Las víctimas de la brutalidad policia o de arresto ilegal deberían ponerse en contacto con nuestro bufete inmediatamente.





Defendemos a clientes que han sido acusados de todo tipo de crímenes, desde manejar bajo los efectos del alcohol o drogas, hasta asesinato. Sabemos que cuando usted recibe cargos, se trata de un asunto grave para usted, a pesar de los cargos.

Por eso, tratamos cada caso, incluyendo los delitos menores, con total cuidado y atención personal. Ofrecer una representación diligente no es solo nuestro lema, es una promesa vinculante. Nuestros clientes esperan una representación incomparable y eso es exactamente lo que reciben.

  • Más de 30 Años de Experiencia
  • Disponibilidad 24/7
  • Profunda comprensión de los sistemas legales estatales y federales
  • Representación Agresiva y Personalizada para Todos los clientes
  • Consultas Gratuitas y Asesoramiento Personalizado
  • Administrativo Profesional Listo para Ayudarle




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