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At The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates, we are passionate about representing individuals who have been accused of committing sex-related crimes. Our Manhattan sex crimes attorney has been involved in the field of criminal defense for 30 years, giving our firm the experience, skills, and resources necessary to take on even the most complicated sex crimes cases. Because we have handled numerous sex crimes cases, we understand how difficult it can be to face such charges, and we do everything in our power to help our clients reach the most favorable results possible.

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We know that the individuals who hire us are in need of a lawyer who is willing to do whatever it takes to effectively fight for them, and we know that such clients need a lawyer who recognizes their basic humanity and treats them with respect. Rest-assured that if you hire our firm, we will do just that, and go above and beyond to help you secure the most favorable results possible for your situation.

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Being charged with a sexual offense is not like being charged with any other type of crime. People charged with sex crimes are treated more severely than other criminal defendants - even those charged with serious crimes like murder and burglary. Guilt is often all-but-assumed by District Attorneys and Judges, who also assume that sex offenders are beyond redemption. DAs and judges routinely compete with each other to impose the most severe punishment for people accused of sex crimes.

With decades of experience, we know how to humanize our clients to the DAs who are prosecuting them. We also know how to effectively advocate to juries on our clients' behalves. In the end, there is simply too much at risk in these cases to accept anything less than truly quality legal representation.

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We recognize how stressful it is to be facing criminal charges, and how intimidating the criminal justice system can be. However, you do not have to work through this process alone, and we stand ready to provide you with supportive counsel and individualized attention from the moment of your initial consultation until the resolution of your case.

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