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You should absolutely hire Mr. Goldman if you are in a bind.

“I was convinced that I was going to go to jail or get a felony for selling drugs to an undercover cop. Mr. Goldman managed to negotiate it down to a misdemeanor. I don't know what I would have done without him. He was extraordinarily competent and professional but also really nice and relatable. I know he actually truly cared about helping me. He went out of his way to use every resource he had and made sure I didn't ruin my life over such a dumb decision. Basically, the way that I sold the controlled substances to the undercover was extremely sketchy and most people told me that there was no way around a felony. Mr. Goldman was very honest with me throughout the process. In order to avoid jail time or a felony, I thought I might have to enter an intensive year-long drug rehab program. I cried every day thinking about that reality. It would have required many hours a day, every day, in rehab for a year with addicts when I'm not one at all. I didn't know how I would have time for work, how to tell my loved ones, how taxing it would be for my soul. Mr. Goldman managed to work out a deal with the DA by working some magic only a grade A lawyer could achieve. I ended up just getting a misdemeanor and having to do community service. I owe him everything and am enormously grateful. You should absolutely hire Mr. Goldman if you are in a bind. I really think that if I had hired another lawyer, I wouldn't have been so lucky. He knows what he is doing and is an exceptional lawyer!”

– A.C.

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