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Drug Crimes


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For more than 30 years, The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates has successfully defended hundreds of narcotics and drug crime cases. We know how to stop the police from gaming the system, and how to keep them honest. We know how to defend your rights and we know how to accomplish these things no matter how bad the situation looks.

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Common Types of Drug Crimes in New York City

According to New York drug laws, the seriousness of the penalties for committing a drug crime depend on whether you face a felony or misdemeanor charge—based on several factors. These factors include what type of drug involved, the drug amount involved, and if the drug was for personal use or for others to use.

There are many types of drug crimes in the state, including:

  • Drug possession – Simple possession means carrying or holding an amount of a certain drug for personal use, which is generally a small amount. Simple possession is often charged as a misdemeanor.
  • Drug sale or distribution – Typically known as “drug dealing,” if you were caught in possession of a large quantity of drugs—as well as being found with large sums of cash, small “baggies,” and a weighing scale—you could be charged with drug possession with intent to sell or distribute. Drug sale or distribution allegations can result in a felony charge.
  • Drug trafficking – This drug crime generally involves smuggling drugs across county, state, or national lines. Drug trafficking can be charged as a federal felony, which means a conviction leads to a lengthy federal prison sentence and fines worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Drug manufacture – Also known as drug cultivation, common examples of drug manufacture involves creating meth in a lab or growing marijuana plants in your home's backyard. This type of drug crime is considered a felony offense.

Were You Arrested in a "Buy and Bust" Operation?

Upon arrest, the situation can look very bad. The DA may offer to allow you to plead guilty to a felony, which at best will result in five years of probation, and at worst can involve a lengthy prison sentence. The other option is to roll the dice and go to trial. At trial, an undercover officer will take the stand and identify you as the person involved in the drug sale.

The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates Know How to Effectively Defend Someone Charged with Narcotics Sale and Possession

There is an art to defending someone charged with selling or possessing narcotics, and our firm has mastered that art. We have tried many felony narcotics cases. We know what lies officers tell, and we know how to catch them telling those lies. Those same skills also help us get good plea bargains for our clients so that they can often avoid the risk and expense of a trial. It is for all these reasons that people who are arrested for narcotics crimes seek-out The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates when they need legal representation.

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