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Prisoner Abuse


Prisoners Have Rights Too. Let Our New York City Attorneys Help You!

In prison, the correction officers completely control your schedule. They determine when you eat, sleep, shower, and so much more. Due to this unequal power relationship in prison, it can be easy for officers to abuse prisoners both physically and emotionally. Such mistreatment cannot be tolerated. The government is obligated to treat you fairly and humanely when you are in prison.

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The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates wants to fight to bring you justice. Our firm is thorough, compassionate and professional. You can count on us to work our hardest to bring about a favorable outcome for you and your loved ones. Prisons must be held accountable, and we have an excellent record of providing clients with aggressive representation that yields positive results. We at The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates are here to make sure that you will be fairly compensated when your rights have been violated.

When that basic right is disregarded, the government must be held accountable. Providing you with quality legal representation is our number-one priority. Let us help you seek compensation for the abuse you experienced.

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