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Federal Criminal Defense

Knowledgeable and Experienced Federal lawyers use Proven Legal Strategies to Protect Clients' Rights in Federal Court

Committed New York City attorneys offer skilled federal criminal defense representation

When you are implicated in a federal crime, our experienced attorneys are often the only thing standing between the worst-case scenario and reclaiming your life. At The Law Offices of Goldman & Associates in the Bronx, our attorneys have extensive experience handling highly complex criminal issues and representing clients throughout Manhattan and New York City in a wide range of federal criminal defense matters. As seasoned litigators who have spent thousands of hours in the courtroom, our attorneys will not be intimidated by the prosecutor's tactics and will aggressively pursue every available legal option. Whether you are facing a grand jury indictment, were interrogated for suspected wire fraud or were charged for drug manufacturing, our firm will review every piece of evidence and take direct action to safeguard your rights.

How are federal criminal cases different than state prosecutions?

From the outside, a federal criminal prosecution may appear similar to a state case, but there are notable and important differences that shape how these cases are handled, as well as what defendants can expect during the legal process. Some significant differences to understand include:

  • Federal prosecutions can involve multiple counts based on several statutes
  • The consequences for a conviction are often more severe and may include the death penalty
  • The federal government has substantial power and resources to pursue cases
  • Prosecutions can be brought by specialized agencies of the federal government and by strike forces focused on particular types of crime

Federal criminal cases come with numerous legal nuances. Our attorneys, who are knowledgeable in the federal law and the federal court system, will know how to analyze the government's position and make the strategic decisions necessary to resolve your case and/or bolster your defense. Our attorneys are adept at navigating federal criminal issues and will tailor your defense to meet the facts and circumstances of your case.

What types of offenses can be charged in federal criminal court?

U.S. criminal law includes a wide range of offenses, often related to conduct that crosses state or international borders. Consequently, federal cases can involve a vast array of crimes, including:

  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Human trafficking
  • Financial crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Murder

Our team knows what the government must prove to convict and will zealously oppose their arguments throughout every stage of your case.

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