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My Attorney is Family

“I remember when I met attorney Steven Goldman in the Bronx. I was just leaving the criminal courthouse just steps from his office. I had just had a hearing on my false arrest case and as I walked down the street I prayed to God for direction, guidance, and help. I looked up and saw Mr. Goldman's' sign above his building which stated he handles false arrest cases. I thanked God and walked right in the office. I was scared, nervous, and confused until I met Mr. Goldman and my fears were calmed. He was personable, transparent, tactful, and helpful. Our case went thru a multitude of changes that I would never imagine because I had never been gone through the judicial system, but Mr. Goldman was on top of it all the way. He always informed me of every change, motion, document and research done. He and his team worked diligently and tirelessly on my case. In fact, when the judge wrongly dismissed my case, Mr. Goldman appealed the dismissal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and won! Over the past nearly 4 years I have learned a great deal about the drive, tenacity and strength of Mr. Goldman, both as an attorney and as a human being. He is a believer in truth and justice and he truly fights for his clients. I have come to know Mr. Goldman's sincere heart and humility. He gives himself completely to his client's cases, sacrificing his family, his finances, his time and even his sleep. I love Steven Goldman and I am truly grateful to God for leading me to his office. He is a part of my history and my family. I pray for his success so he help other people the way he was able to help me.”

– Anonymous

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