Attorney Steven Goldman of The Law Offices of Steven H. Goldman is representing Ms. Yanny Mejia in a case out of the Bronx that involves murder charges and a complicated investigation. Ms. Mejia was charged for murdering her husband, Nelson Mejia, by stabbing him in the chest with a knife in December of 2015.

At the time of her arrest, there were noticeable bruises on Yanny’s body. She has claimed that it was a domestic violence incident and that she was a “battered wife.” Attorney Goldman has planned to construct her defense around her husband’s alleged abusive nature and her need to defend herself from another attack.

Each person holds the right to defend themselves from immediate bodily harm. How that defense is carried out and to what degree is unique to each situation. If a reasonable person would believe that his or her life is in danger unless the attacker is incapacitated, disabled, or killed in return and readily, self-defense can take extreme measures and still be justified.

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(The NY Daily News published an article with more information when this story first arose. You can view it by clicking here.)