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Thank you Goldman and Associates. You gave me back my life!

“I'm a single mother of a bright, high energy 7 year old son in the Bronx. Two years ago my life got turned upside down when my friend and I got attacked on the street by a large group of people. One of them had a beef with my friend and it got physical fast. The police were called and they found a gun underneath a parked car nearby. I wanted to help so I cooperated with them. Next thing I knew I was in custody and charged with possession of a gun. I found out fast that the Bronx DA's office doesn't play when it comes to gun cases. They were pushing me to take 3 ½ years in prison, saying the plea would never get better than that! I never got arrested before and suddenly they wanted me to do 3 ½ years. I was frantic at the possibility of being separated from my son. Who could take care of him as well as I could? My court appointed lawyer was nice, but she didn't have any solutions. She just kept talking about me pleading guilty. That's when my family reached out to Goldman and Associates. Steve and Peter spent a lot answering our questions and discussing our options. They laid out the evidence the prosecution would use against me – the video of the incident, my statement, DNA and fingerprints. The evidence seemed overwhelming. I was so scared, but they assured me that they would do whatever they could to get the best possible result. We discussed it as a family and decided to trust them. And I'm very glad we did! Over the next year, Goldman and Associates were there for us – filing motions, arguing in court, meeting with us and answering all our questions. After they started fighting for us, the DA's offer got better, a lot better. Now they were only asking for one year of jail instead of 3. I almost took it too. I figured I could handle a year, but they told me they might be able to do even better, and asked me to trust them again. They had gotten me this far, so I agreed. Once again, my trust in them paid off. Last week, we got the decision from the judge – the prosecution had violated my rights, and all the charges were dismissed. No jail time, no conviction, nothing. I was free! I am so grateful that they fought for me and got me a second chance. I don't have to be afraid of going to jail or having to explain to an employer a conviction on my record. I can raise my child without having to worry about us being separated by the system. Thank you Goldman and Associates. You gave me back my life!”

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