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Just by merely looking at the facts Steven was able to get a victory and secure my future.

“Where do I start? I am a NYC police officer who was accused of of 18 domestic violence charges. I have served my country in the Marine Corps and Now in the Air Force Reserves. I had my son taken away and he was given an order of protection. My gun and shield also taken. No one believed me. I was told I was going to get fired that these are serious accusations. When you get hit with charges like that no one wants to be next to you or defend you. Steven listened and he believed me. He fought hard. He found the errors and the lies that the DA tried to cover up or disregarded in order to bolster his case. The DA kept offering plea deals, Steven told him no we are taking this to trial. The bronx jury also agreed that the story didn't make sense. NYC doesn't like cops neither does the Bronx DA. Two years of pain and suffering. Steven did not give up I was found not guilty of 18 domestic violence charges. I will probably be forced to retire but I do not have a felony. I am also getting visits with my son. Two years ago i was threatened with prison and being hit with countless orders of protection. Things are slowly returning to normal . I wouldn't be here typing this if it weren't for Steven Goldman. If they are lying, sneaky and malicious Steven Goldman is the man to expose them. Just by merely looking at the facts Steven was able to get a victory and secure my future.”

– Former Client

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