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Posted by Steven Goldman | May 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

In 2011, Sofia Bautista and another classmate were involved in a fight after the other girl taunted Sofia about her grades. The two girls punched and kicked at each other until a teacher broke it up, but Sofia was the only child sent to the principal's office. The principal proceeded to call Sofia's mother and the police. Shortly thereafter the New York Police Department (NYPD) arrived and placed the 10-year-old in handcuffs. They then transported her in the back of a police car to the precinct station house.

Once they arrived, the police proceeded to question the third-grader without the presence of her mother or an attorney. Her mother, who didn't speak English, was kept outside the room during the interrogation. Sofia was kept handcuffed to a bench for almost three hours.

Our founding attorney, Steven Goldman, represented the Bautista family in a lawsuit against the NYPD, asserting Sofia was arrested without probable cause and was denied the presence of her mother during an NYPD interrogation despite the fact that she was clearly a minor. The NYPD denies these claims, saying Sofia's mother was allowed to see her and her detainment for almost three hours was not an interrogation. Sofia's mother claimed her daughter was instilled with a fear of teachers and the police after the incident.

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