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He got the case dismissed and I walked away as if nothing had happened.

“I am a foreign national that visits New York about 5-8 times per year to see my wife. I do not possess a NYC driver's license and I got ticketed for two offenses which I promptly paid. When I visited NYC recently I was pulled over by the cops for using my cell phone. Upon checking my documents and my foreign drivers license the officers returned and told me my license was suspended due to none payment of assessment fees. To my surprise and horror I was handcuffed and taken to the precinct where I was held and fingerprinted for nearly six hours. I was charged with operating a vehicle without a license which was a misdemeanor and release with a DAT to appear in criminal court. I was scared and did not want to take any chances so I started searching for a criminal attorney with the required experience. After a few consultations I came across Mr. Goldman after reading some reviews. I made contact via email and I got a prompt response. After one phone conversation I told my wife that I was not worried anymore as Mr. Goldman was thorough with his explanation of my case and he said don't worry too much we can handle this. I met Mr. Goldman in person and we spoke and I hired him to represent me. The week of the court date I was informed that Mr. Goldman would not be available so he would send me someone to stand in for him, I must say I was a bit disappointed but the representative was equally professional as Mr. Goldman and he made me feel at ease. The DA offered me a reduced charge and I felt good but was informed by the attorney he had to speak to Mr. Goldman before he could accept so the matter was put off for a later date. When I spoke to Mr. Goldman he explained to me that due to my immigration status and traveling back and forth he was not ready to accept that lesser charge so I should give him some time to speak further with the DA. He kept me informed even though it was not good news. On the morning of the hearing we spoke and he said he would be late because he still wanted to speak to DAs office more. When Mr. Goldman arrived he said good news. He got the case dismissed and I walked away as if nothing had happened. I thank Mr. Goldman for going above and beyond on this case. He was more concerned about the repercussions I could face further on. This for me is exceptional and shows a firm that cares about the client fully. Thank you sir and may God continue to bless you as you do the best you can. I recommend Goldman & Associates a 110%.”

– C.H.

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