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Hiring him as my legal counsel was the best decision I ever made during this ordeal.

“I'm an active duty military member with 19 years in the Service. Just before the end of last year, I was arrested at JFK airport while trying to check-in a firearm and three empty magazines on my way back to Indiana. Even though I have a Gun Permit from out of state, not having one issued by NYC constitutes a criminal charge where I'm faced with a possible jail term of 3.5 to 7 years. In what seems like a blink of an eye, I was facing a felony conviction, a bleak future in my Naval career and retirement benefits I worked so hard for are in jeopardy. Not to mention my uncertain / limited prospects in the civilian sector as a felon. I was desparate and beyond myself after my initial arraignment, considering I just spent well over 12 hours in jail. After a quick internet seach, I came across Steven H. Goldman. Just after the first meeting, my wife and I were immediately put at ease. Members of his legal support team including David are very professional and top-notch. His confident, calm and reassuring demeanor gave us the peace of mind we desperately needed. Steve and his team worked diligently with the DA on my behalf and gave me regular updates. In less than three weeks, his efforts yielded excellent results. The DA offered ACD (Adjudication in Contemplation of Dismissal) for my case. This typically involves a 6-month waiting period before the case is closed/sealed. When the time came for my Desk Appearance, the DA offered ACD where it will be closed/sealed after 1 DAY. I couldn't ask for a better result. Now, we're getting ready to put this nightmare behind us, I'll be able to complete my military service honorably, and live the rest of our lives in peace. If you find yourself or anybody you love in a desperate legal bind, STEVEN H. GOLDMAN is THAT LAWYER to have in your corner. Without question, he will fight tooth and nail to preserve your rights and future, he's the BEST criminal DEFENSE attorney in town. Hiring him as my legal counsel was the best decision I ever made during this ordeal and I will remain eternally grateful to him and his team. THANK YOU Steve Goldman!!”

– D. P.

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