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"He's a lawyer who will put your mind at ease and who gets results."

“I wasn't planning to hire a criminal defense lawyer, but then I'm guessing most people don't plan on it. Something unexpected happens in your life and suddenly you need a criminal defense lawyer. Anyway, that's how it happened for me. I had a good job in the food service industry. One day my ex-girlfriend showed-up unexpectedly and started to fight with me. I defended myself. She called the police, and since I'm a man, I was the one that got arrested. Suddenly I found myself in jail. Worse, the DA was asking for 60 days jail! I needed a good lawyer – fast! I hired the Goldman & Associates. I explained to him that I'd lose my job if I had to do any jail time. After discussing everything, Mr. Goldman told me the best strategy to avoid going to jail. He also told me about all the experience he had dealing with cases like mine. Between his calming manner and years of experience, My Goldman immediately put my mind at ease. True to his word, I avoided doing any jail time. Because I didn't have to do any jail time, I also avoided losing my job. I owe Mr. Goldman a LOT. He's a lawyer who will put your mind at ease and who gets results. I highly recommend Goldman & Associates to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer and has too much on the line to settle for second best.”

– C.L.

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