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All I Know Is That They Got My Case Dismissed.

“When my mom hired Goldman and Associates I was 25, and they were charging me with threatening someone with a gun. They told me I could get 15 years in prison if I was convicted. Before I was arrested on this case, I'd never spent a day in jail. When they told me if I wanted to plead guilty they'd only give me 3 ½ years in prison I thought, are you kidding me? I'm not looking to spend another 3 ½ hours in jail! My head was spinning, and I couldn't think straight. My case kept going for 2 years. I had to come to court every month for that whole time. If they'd offered me probation, I'd have taken it in no time. But my lawyers at Goldman and Associates kept telling me they had a plan. I had my doubts, but I went with their plan. Finally, after 2 years, they got my case completely dismissed. They told me my Speedy Trial rights were violated. I didn't even know what Speedy Trial was, and really, I didn't care. All I know is that they got my case dismissed. I didn't have to spend even one more hour in jail. Thank you, Goldman and Associates! Without you, I'd be rotting in a jail cell somewhere! Instead, I have my freedom and a clean record.”

– NC

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