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It took a while, but he got the case totally dismissed.

“I'm one of the best bike messengers in all of New York City. I know how to ride through traffic and around pedestrians like nobody's business. If you want to get some important document from point A to point B in world record time, I'm your man. One day when I was working last September I stopped to get some water near Central Park South. Bike messenger drink a LOT of water. While standing next to my bike drinking, some crazy homeless guy came up to me and started to beat me with a big stick for no reason. I'm like, What the hell? I backed away but he kept coming. The guy who sold me the water was nearby with his cart. I ran to the other side of the cart so the crazy guy with the stick couldn't get to me. He kept coming at me anyway, though, swinging the stick and trying to hit me. I grabbed a knife that was on top of the cart and held it up, telling the crazy guy to keep away from me, but he kept coming anyway. Next thing I know the crazy guy was stabbed and everyone was screaming. I hired Steven Goldman because people told me he was as good at lawyering as I am at being a bike messenger. The DA charged me with felony assault, which honestly scared the crap out of me. Mr. Goldman kept me calm though. He said I had a good self-defense case and he would explain that to the DA and the judge. I admit I had my doubts. It took a while, but he got the case totally dismissed. Today this nightmare is behind me and I'm doing my thing on my bike again. Thank you Mr. Goldman, you really are the best!”

– W.L.

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